Posted on Feb 7th 2011 3:30PM by Jon Wiederhorn

After releasing numerous strong but traditional performance clips over the past seven years, As I Lay Dying wanted to shatter all preconceptions for their 10th music video, ‘Anodyne Sea.’ So they reached out to Boston-based directors Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci to create a violent, jarring and unsettling piece that takes no prisoners.
Actually, the video is all about being taken prisoner. In the clip, the band says something during a radio interview that invokes the ire of someone listening. Within moments, the station is stormed by terrorists who capture and beat up As I Lay Dying, throwing the musicians in a van. Following a bumpy, terror-filled ride, the band members are violently attacked and thrown to the ground before the video’s shocking conclusion.


The unique, creative video was directed by McFarland and Pecci of and produced by Ryan Kohler. Noisecreep is proud to present an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of ‘Anodyne Sea,’ shot by Rod Clark and Tony Fernandez and edited by Chris O’ Coin.

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis told Noisecreep that the video captured the exact spirit of aggression, defiance and oppression they were hoping for. “The album has a lot to do with standing up for the powerless and defending those oppressed by injustice,” Lambesis said. “As a result of knowing people in these circumstances, I find it nearly impossible to not do what I can to help them.