The latest project from Director and photographer Mike Pecci is his first photo set for Suicide Girls on 4 years.  It’s an epic story called Stray Bullet based shoot that focuses on a strong silent female lead, the kind that fans of Pecci’s work expect to see.  Accompanying the photo set is a “Photo Film” that is pumped with suspense and grindhouse action!
“I have been getting emails and messages from SG members and models for years now asking me to do another set.  It took awhile for everything to be in place.  I needed a model that was willing to be an intense female character, I needed a set idea that was bigger than the rest, and I needed the resources to pull it off cheap as hell.”, says Pecci.
One of the resources was shooting the set with the new Canon 7d DSLR.  Mike has been using the rig with his music video work and he takes full advantage of its still images capabilities as well as its unbelievable looking video shooting Stray Bullet. Enter Rydell Suicide from Canada.  She is a sharp, fierce tongued, tenacious little fire cracker crammed into a small frame.
“She is a mature woman on the website, and with that come a special kind of sexy.  She is confident in front of the lens, confident with her body, knows how to relax in a role, and knows how to handle some heavy goddamn weapons!”
After hounding Mike to shoot, she flew to Boston for a week of weapons training and a grueling 12 hour shoot in a remote cabin.  The cabin was set back in 160 archers of woods with no running water, and a dirt road that would tear the undercarriage off a car.
“We were out in the middle of nowhere when we realized that we left the blanks for the gun 4 hours away.”, continues Pecci “Being that the property was used for hunting and target practice, we secured the area, accounted for the crew, and said lets use live rounds!  Yea, Rydell is shooting bullets folks!”
Stray Bullet is the third in Mike’s grindhouse film trilogy, and marks his 4th high concept shoot for SG.  Without giving anything away, the premise was an original idea written by both Pecci and Rydell, and has a gruesome ending that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
So what’s next for Mike?
“It has been a big week for releases with us.  I just finished a mini-doc on a comic illustrator that I released online, as well as my first CGI music video with co-director Ian McFarland for the band Vera Cruz.  Dave Lynch, the co-writer of Cold Hard Cash, and I are halfway through a feature script called Red Clover.  It of course stars a strong female lead and will rework the home invasion genre.  We are ready for long format films!"