With over 15 years of experience, Mike has cemented a name for himself as an abstractly edgy filmmaker who is undeniably devoted to the art of storytelling.

His characters are the faces of his work - passionate, emotional, and distorted stories are the basis for some of Mike's most well received films.

Neo-Noir concept piece. Starring Nick Apostolides and directed by Mike Pecci

Here is a rough scene from Mike Pecci's upcomming horror film 12 KILOMETERS.

Here is the second trailer for the horror film 12 Kilometers by Mike Pecci. It features an in-depth look at the monster of the film shot completely in camera. No CGI was used!

"A fan made Punisher film that looks better than anything Hollywood has ever made" - AICN.com

The controversial fan film that Marvel shut down for looking too professional.  Directed by Mike Pecci

An intimate look at the moments before the final vows at a wedding. This clip was produced by a start up internet company to show the stories hidden within typical moments. Directed by McFarland & Pecci

McFarland & Pecci Presents “In the Hunt”, a New Kind of Fashion Video for Ball & Buck ft. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage and Maxim Girl Minji Cho.  Directed by Mike Pecci

Here is a quick promo piece on the upcoming film by Mike Pecci featuring the comic book artist and writer Ben Templesmith.

This short segment was shot as a promotional clip for Mike Pecci's Grindhouse Shorts DVD. Starring Evalena Marie and directed by Mike Pecci.

The Street Dogs remeber their youth. Directed by: Mike Pecci

Dave Lynch has been drawing since he was a child and recently he set out to fill a blank sketch book with over 400 cartoons. This little mini-doc gives us an insight into the man behind the sketches, his work, and what some might call his therapy. Shot & Edited by Mike Pecci

Celtics "True Story" Commercial - 2013 / 2014 Green Runs Deep Campaign Directed by: McFarland & Pecci

The teaser for the short film Moped Knights Created by: Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez.

Moped Knights a short film starring: Lance Williams, Matt McLaughlin, Amy Beth, and featuring THE UGLIES. Created by: Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez Premires at Boston Underground Film Festival 2015.

Here is a pitch film for the upcoming Moped Knights TV series. Directed by: Mike Pecci
Created by Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez. Premiering at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

Written, Produced & Directed by - McFarland & Pecci

“From the moment we are born and the doctor smacks you on the ass we start breathing in a rhythm.” - TJ Horn is a man obsessed by his love for sound and music.  The film directed by Mike Pecci takes a new approach to documentary film-making bringing the audience into to mind of the subject and exposing us to the core of their obsession.

Tony finds out about some unpleasant news during breakfast in this short, improvised comedy sketch. Directed by: Mike Pecci Written by and Starring: Tony Fernandez

A video that shows how hard hip hop artists really are.  Directed by: McFarland & Pecci

Written and directed by McFarland & Pecci the video could be better described as a violent hip-hop musical film. It is the sequel to 7L & Esoteric’s last video “Retrospects”.

The trailer for Mike Pecci's Grindhouse short film Stray Bullet.  Just played it the Rome Film Festival in 2014.

Mike Pecci and Production Designer Travis Harrington travel to Philadelphia, PA to work with biochemist and micro-photographer Linden Gledhill on creating practical monster effects for Pecci's upcoming 12 Kilometers Prologue.

Directed by: McFarland & Pecci

A moment with a man who hunts women on the subway. This early short film shot in 2006 on a handi-cam made the rounds at film festivals where it got acclaim from critics and Hollywood directors. Directed by: Mike Pecci

Here is a sexy little dance piece shot with an early version of a GoPro camera. Directed by: Mike Pecci

This is the definitive collection of what Filmthreat magazine called “Grindhouse done right”. Each film is uncensored and loaded with sex, violence, and Suicide Girls! Directed by Mike Pecci