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Pecci spent years training as a cinematographer of films and music videos. His obsession with lighting and color has become the trademark of his images. Part of his learning process involved still photography. Figuring that it was cheaper to process a roll of film than it was to shoot a video every day, Mike taught himself how to capture the essence of a subject, and through lighting manufacture a world from his imagination. Years later Mike's work has been published in magazines, printed on billboards, and featured on websites world wide.  He often finds it inspiring to collaborate with other photographers and work with them to develop their craft.

LIVING IMAGES.  The best example of Pecci's groundbreaking technique can be see at the MCPHS website loaded with his images.

Some of his clients include: ZIPCAR, The Boston Phoenix, Atlantic Records, Smirnoff, Suicide Girls, and the Steam Punk Convention. 




Heather never thought she would be a photographer. She thought she would be an archeologist, an environmentalist, an actress, a stuntwoman, or a comic book artist. While studying graphic design and animation at CALARTS, she found herself retouching photographs commercially. This sparked a new creative challenge to her which led her to the New England School of Photography. After graduating with honors, she moved back to Los Angeles to apprentice under Art Brewer, a legendary action photographer. He taught her how to always come back with the shot. Heather has returned to her hometown of Boston, where she dances hard, loves to travel, rides her bike, and photographs.

Some of her clients include: Above Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, Bust Magazine, Epitaph Records, Geekhouse Bikes, GLIDE Magazine Japan, Hovercraft Studios, Moth Design, North Bennett Street School, Road and Track Magazine, Roadrunner Records, Surfer Magazine, and Victory Records.




Fascinated by the ability to produce a full narrative by the single snap of a shutter, Gina's photos are marked with color and expression. The subtleties that she sneaks into her photographs bring the characters in her mind to life.  With help from great mentors, she taught herself photography and realized unless she was behind a camera, she wasn’t fulfilled. Through high concept work and editorials, Gina loves to capture life the way she sees it, soaking up everything she can fit in a frame. Gina’s work is often influenced by her true love of high fashion. You’ll probably find her face deep in high fashion publications on a normal Friday night. Easy going and in the moment, as long as Gina has a camera in her hand, she’s at home.

Her clients include: Stella & Dot, The Boston Phoenix, The Boston Globe, Stuff Magazine, The Boston Spirit, Together Festival, and Identity Festival.





Mike Pecci's Living Images are the next step for online advertising creating client focused content and captivating images in high definition. This one of a kind technique uses the combined elements of photography and cinematography to create a Living Image, a photograph that is alive. Creating a Living Image requires a special type of shooting discipline and the use of cutting edge color grading, compositing, and encoding skills to create a seamless moment. The Image is then delivered in either a standard or high definition image that has been sized for quality and loading time. The average high definition is about the same size as a full resolution photograph, and each image can be easily integrated into your existing web design. This way you are giving the view of exciting content without the loading time of flash.