9 Instagram Business Features That Marketers Should Know

9 Instagram Business Features That Marketers Should Know

Instagram is one of the amplest social media platforms, with billions of active users worldwide. When it comes to promoting a business, it is the best platform to attract users and also to educate customers about your products. With time, Instagram has added useful features for businesses to attain their marketing goals. Currently, many brands effectively utilize Instagram features and often create content. Moreover, while sharing it on the platform, they buy instagram views to strengthen their community and increase sales.
As Instagram features are user-friendly, many businesses started to take advantage of it to reach customers better. Let’s discuss some of the valuable features of Instagram.

Story Highlights

Instagram Stories will disappear in a day. To save the Story permanently in the user’s profile, Instagram introduced a feature called Highlight. This feature helps you to save the Stories in Highlights that will display on your Instagram profile. In addition, you can add Stories in your Highlights feature and customize and archive Story highlights of your profile.

Geo-Tagged Content

Do you want to know about the Geo-Tagged content? It allows you to add a location to the post. Then, when the users tap on the post, it directs them to another page where content is available with the same Geo-tag. Customers can pin your location to their post or Story by creating the location tag. This increases the visibility of your content.

Alt Text

Alt text is an alternative text for Instagram posts. Alt text is a description for the post. If the photo is not visible on the page, the alt text will help the visitor know about the image. It is not only used for describing the photo. It does much more than give information about the image.
In a visual platform like Instagram, the alt text will help the users who can’t see what you have posted at that time. This text is helpful because their devices read the alt so that they can easily understand what the post is about. It also helps Instagram to see what is in your photo. Instagram works with its algorithm, so using Inzfy will help show your post to users who liked a similar post. It will drag a chance to reach more audiences.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are the advertising feature for which the user should pay the platform to promote their product. These ads display in users’ feeds in the format of images or videos. Therefore, these ads look like feed posts with sponsor labels. In addition, you can add Click-To-Action buttons, Links, and Product tags.

Instagram Shoppable Tag

Instagram Shoppable tags allow you to tag your products directly in the feed post, and users can easily view the product details and visit the brand’s online store by tapping on it. It is an opportunity for the brands to convert visitors into customers. Brands work with influencers or creators to tag products in their marketing posts.

Story Stickers

Story Stickers are used by brands to increase visitor engagement and give information about their customers.
The most commonly used Story Stickers on Instagram are listed below

  • Quiz Stickers.
  • Polls Stickers.
  • Music Stickers.
  • Mentions Stickers.
  • Hashtags Stickers.
  • Question Stickers.
  • Countdown Stickers.
  • Emoji Slider Stickers.

The interactive Stickers are polls, emoji sliders, and questions in this list. These Stickers allow users to interact with your post; each sticker enables a different type of interaction. Interactive Stickers not only encourage your customers to engage with your post, but they also increase the website traffic.

Action Buttons

The action button in Instagram is for business account profiles to make the visitor book an appointment, contact, order food, show directions, or reserve. If a visitor taps on an action button on your profile, it will redirect to your page. These made actions more convenient for businesses and also for consumers. According to Inzfy, track the performance of the call to action button and plan accordingly to get more output from this feature.

Grid Pinning

If you don’t want to lose a piece of content in your grid, you can use this feature to pin the specific content at the top of your grid. To do this, choose a post and click the options button, then select the pin to your profile, then it will appear at the top of your profile.

Pinned Comments

Comments on Instagram are a response of a user about a photo, video, or Reels. It is public and visible to all who can see the post. Pinned comments are a feature introduced by Instagram in the year of 2020. It is used to label the responses of users to a post. Instagram allows you to pin 3 comments on the top of the comment section.

Wrapping It Up

The above features are the most common Instagram features the brand uses to promote products and reach customers. In addition, Instagram is introducing new features frequently to make the platform a perfect place for brands to meet their marketing goals online.