6 Must-Try Instagram Trends for Digital Marketers in 2023

6 Must-Try Instagram Trends for Digital Marketers in 2023

Are you a digital marketer who wants to ace the marketing game on Instagram? If yes! You are in the right place to learn the top digital marketing trends to be successful on Instagram in 2023. Knowing the latest Instagram trends will help you grow your brand massively on Instagram and understand the preference of your audiences.

Instagram, the fourth most popular social media platform with 2+ billion monthly users, is an effective marketing tool for marketers. If you are a brand wanting to be successful in social media marketing, plan to buy instagram reels views and strengthen your social media presence.

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Why Is It Essential for Digital Marketers to Know About the Latest Instagram Trends?

If you’re a social media marketer who uses Instagram frequently to promote your brand, knowing what’s new on Instagram and your industry would be very helpful. The latest social media trends will help you achieve the following:

  1. Knowing the current trends will help you identify new opportunities and learn the current marketing techniques.
  2. It will help you create content around the sensational topics in your industry and on Instagram.
  3. It will help you become more creative and inventive.
  4. It will help create your Instagram marketing plan and content strategy plans that suit the present trend.

Staying updated with the latest trends and following these trends will help you know the best practices and better serve your customer’s changing needs. Most importantly, following the current trends will help your content get instantly displayed in the user search and Instagram feed.

6 Must-Try Instagram Trends for Digital Marketers in 2023

1. Start Using More Reels

Instagram users prefer video content the most. Research shows that 91% of users watch video content daily on Instagram compared to other types of content.

Using Instagram reels would be highly beneficial if you want to promote your brand and services. While using reels, convey your message through stories, ensuring they are visually pleasing. Reels are also known to increase your content’s virality and engagement. You can also leverage FollowFormation to get more visibility and followers.

2. Use Live Shopping

Live shopping on Instagram is gaining popularity and helps attract the audience’s attention. Studies indicate that 44% of Instagram users use the platform to shop every week. Trends reveal that Live shopping will start appearing more frequently on Instagram Lives. Live shopping allows marketers to sell their products directly on Instagram and show how the product looks like and works.

3. Embrace Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful social media marketing techniques. Hiring an influencer who is famous in your domain and has a vast following would greatly help. Research reveals that 61% of the people on social media trust what influencers say about a particular product or brand.

4. Incorporate Meme Marketing

Neal Schaffer, a famous digital and social media marketing figure, states that meme marketing will be the new fad. Memes help entertain your audience and give them a laugh while subtly promoting your brand.

You could add long texts that are easy to read in your memes, as it’s known to increase engagement. You can subtly include CTA messages in your memes too. You can also buy instagram reel likes to make your videos that feature memes go viral and increase engagement.

5. Be More Inclusive and Diversity-Friendly

Trends reveal that more inclusive and diversity-friendly brands will likely attract attention and enjoy popularity in 2023. Ensure that the content you post on Instagram related to your brand benefits minority groups as well. Humans naturally like feelings of belongingness regardless of their social and economic status. Being compassionate and humane will help you win the hearts of people.

6. Rely on User-Generated Content

Posting user-generated content in the form of client feedback is highly valuable. For example, video feedback, where clients talk about how your products solved their issues, would be helpful. Research shows that 93 % of social media marketers believe audiences trust content created by customers more than brands.

Final Thoughts

Strengthening your brand’s presence on Instagram will be easier with the use of these six must-try marketing trends. It will help you stay on top of social media marketing.